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A boutique clinic providing compassionate and evidence-based family care

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Dr. Amy Rolfsen, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Amy Rolfsen ND offers compassionate and personalized care through virtual consultations, serving patients within the province of British Columbia and beyond. Dr. Rolfsen takes a comprehensive approach to patient care, considering clinical and family history, current presentation, and individual goals and values. She crafts perfectly individualized treatment plans, incorporating supplements, dietary modifications, botanical medicine, and advanced laboratory testing as needed.

For patients within British Columbia, Dr. Rolfsen offers virtual consultations and ongoing support to help them achieve their health goals and get relief from chronic gastrointestinal and urinary conditions. She also takes on pediatric patients, offering a full scope of medical care.

For those outside the province, she provides expert second opinion services and advanced laboratory analysis, specializing in microbiome analysis, hormone health, and functional medicine. Dr. Rolfsen can also assist clients in prioritizing their medical care, offering guidance on treatment options and lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Rolfsen earned her four-year medical degree from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, specializing in pediatrics, gastrointestinal health, and advanced laboratory analysis.

Dedicated to medical education and research, Dr. Rolfsen continuously advances her knowledge in areas such as the human microbiome and the gut-brain connection. She is committed to empowering her patients to take control of their health and well-being, no matter where they are located.

Outside of her practice, Dr. Rolfsen is a devoted mother of two children. With a busy and active family life, they enjoy sports, camping, and a variety of outdoor activities together.

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