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Hormonal Health in Your 40's

Webinar with Dr. Alex Dragan ND

Topics Discussed:

Hormonal Health in Your Forties

Importance of understanding and accepting the physiological changes that occur in a woman's body after 35, rather than fighting against them. The experience of perimenopause, the gradual decline of estrogen and progesterone, could vary greatly among women, ranging from one to ten years.

Perimenopause Symptoms: Testing vs. Treatment Severity

While testing hormone levels can provide some insight, it's often more beneficial to treat perimenopause and related symptoms based on their severity. Testing for iron, B12, and vitamin D levels could help improve symptoms like fatigue.

Menopause Treatment: Correction, Balance, and Individuality

Treatment approach for menopause transition. The importance of correcting underlying deficiencies, balancing blood sugar, addressing hormonal symptoms, and treating comorbidities. The significance of lifestyle changes, including exercise and nutrition, and the use of supplements and hormone therapy. Safety of hormone therapy, which can improve sleep quality, reduce hot flashes, and more.


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