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Top Five Kids Conditions I See in Practice

As a parent, I am especially passionate about treating children in practice. I love sharing my knowledge of natural treatment approaches to common conditions in kids. A thorough health history often gives us insight into the root cause of various conditions and direction on where to start treatment.


Constipation in kids is so common, and frustrating for parents and children alike. Diet, antibiotic exposure, and birth history can all play an important role in digestive health in kids. Long term laxatives are the common solution in mainstream medicine, but there are a multitude of natural options available to treat the root cause and resolve constipation.


It is estimated that roughly 17% of Canadians suffer from eczema, and this skin condition most often starts in children under age 5. Though it is a condition that is visible on the skin, most of the time the root cause can be traced to an imbalance within the body. Again – diet, antibiotic exposure, health and birth history play an important role in development of eczema. I most often treat eczema by determining and addressing the root cause.


Ahhhhh, elusive sleep. Anyone who has had a newborn is likely to agree that sleep can be challenging. This can be especially difficult if sleep issues persist beyond the first year. Routine is important, but so is ensuring that tummy aches, reflux, congestion, allergies, anxiety or other concerns are not behind disrupted sleep. Addressing any underlying concerns is imperative to getting proper sleep – for kids and adults alike!


You might be noticing a pattern here, but diet, antibiotic exposure, birth history, and feeding history all play an important role in infant reflux. This can have a significant impact on sleep as well. Naturopathic medicine offers a wide range of options to soothe upset tummies and reduce reflux.


Environmental allergies to cats, dogs, dust, pollens (amongst other things) can be especially challenging for active kids who want to play. How can you catch a ball that you can’t see because your eyes are watering? Gut microbiome health plays an important role in allergy management, and this is especially key in kids. A thorough health and dietary history is often the best place to start.


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