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The Akehurst Protocol

Ready to say goodbye
to chronic bladder symptoms for good?




Hi I'm,

Dr. Carley Akehurst

As a mother of three, founding physician of boutique Vancouver naturopathic clinic Clementine Natural Health, and a chronic UTI specialist for over a decade, I passionately believe that those who suffer from chronic UTIs deserve better care. Actually, I know it. Because while using the right approach, I've seen my one-on-one patients have incredible results. I wish that absolutely everyone who is suffering through the challenges and pain of chronic UTIs could have this kind of support, which is why I am so pleased to have developed The Akehurst Protocol program. You deserve focused, holistic, evidence-backed care through a caring and compassionate lens.

What's Inside The Program?

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Microbiome Mini Course

Microbiome Mini Course


Lifestyle Factors Mini Course

Alexa Young, CA

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