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About Clementine

Our experienced Naturopathic Doctors strive to provide patient-centred, evidence-based care with integrity. We truly enjoy treating the whole person and building comprehensive treatment plans using a blend of naturopathic and conventional therapies. 


A boutique clinic providing compassionate and evidence-based family care

Our Clementine Team

Dr. Carley Akehurst works hard to provide compassionate, comprehensive and evidence-based care for her patients. She was first introduced to complementary and alternative medicine through several international study abroad programs. After completing her Bachelor's degree at UBC, she expanded her knowledge of the medical field by working with both MDs and NDs. After choosing a career in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Akehurst completed her four-year medical degree at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.


Dr. Carley Akehurst, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Akehurst believes that doctors play an important role as teachers, educating and empowering patients to achieve balance in their own lives. During an appointment, she will listen to your unique story and conduct a thorough health history, a focused physical exam and laboratory testing (if necessary). She will then recommend an individual treatment plan that may include a combination of pharmaceutical drugs, herbs, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counselling, and nutritional supplementation. In her practice, Dr. Akehurst emphasizes integrating foundational scientific knowledge and modern research with the traditional philosophies and practices of naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Akehurst is highly trained in the treatment and prevention of chronic disease, immune dysfunction, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, hormone imbalance and stress and fatigue. She has a strong passion for family medicine, especially women’s health (including recurrent UTIs), pregnancy and children’s health and has extensive additional training in these areas. Dr. Akehurst provides detailed birth education and support and has additional training and experience as a birth doula, childbirth educator and breastfeeding consultant. Most recently, she has been a contributor to Let Them Eat Dirt – a book about bacteria and the role it plays in gut health in children. She is also a consultant for a local microbiome testing company.

Outside of clinical practice, Dr. Akehurst can be found spending time with her three children, husband and dog. She enjoys skiing or hiking the local mountains, reading a good book or cooking for family and friends. At this time, Dr. Akehurst is accepting new patients in person and via telemedicine who reside within the province of British Columbia.

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What is a Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body, and unfavourable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes disease as a process rather than as an entity.

Treating both acute and chronic conditions, naturopathic treatments are chosen based on the individual patient – their physiological, structural, psychological, social, spiritual, environmental and lifestyle factors. In addition to diet and lifestyle changes, natural therapies including botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, naturopathic manipulation and traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture, may also be used during treatments. In Canada, the naturopathic medical profession’s infrastructure includes accredited educational institutions, professional licensing, national standards of practice, participation in many federal health committee initiatives, and a commitment to state-of-the-art scientific research.


Dr. Alex Dragan, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Alex Dragan ND started her journey to Naturopathic Medicine in Montreal where she completed her BSc in Biology. Fascinated by the human body and its capacity to grow, repair and heal, she continued her studies in New Westminster, BC at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

Growing up she played many different sports, but soccer was definitely her favourite. While playing on the varsity soccer team at Concordia University, she endured many injuries and in healing those injuries, she developed an interest in the healing philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine. The philosophies: treat the whole person and find the root cause really resonated with her, and so she decided to embark in her holistic healing education across the country.

Dr. Dragan is passionate about achieving individualized, compassionate and empowered care for each and every one of her patients. She runs a general practice with special focuses in digestive disorders (IBS, SIBO, IBD, GERD),  fertility and hormone imbalances (PMS, PCOS, perimenopause, menopause) as well as sports medicine. 

Her scope of practice includes:
Clinical nutrition lifestyle counselling | Botanical medicine | Physical Examinations  Physical Medicine | IV Nutrient Therapy | Acupuncture | Laboratory & Diagnostic testing Pharmaceutical Prescriptions | Trigger Point Injections | Prolotherapy


Dr. Brett Simpson, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Brett Simpson has been practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver, BC for over 5 years.  She has enjoyed seeing patients in both Yaletown, and on the North Shore.  Dr. Brett is an advocate for the integration of modern and natural medicine in order to address health concerns, both efficiently and sustainably.  She takes the time to ensure that her patients understand the origin of their symptoms so that they feel confident in taking steps towards a healthier future. 

Dr. Brett completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Victoria, and then returned to Vancouver to complete a certification in Holistic Nutrition before she studied Naturopathic Medicine at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, BC.  She holds additional certifications in prescriptive medicine, IV therapy, trigger point and prolotherapy injections, as well as therapeutic and aesthetic botox injections. 

As someone who has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, Dr. Brett enjoys helping her patients to do the same.  She offers advanced injection therapies to help relieve muscle and joint pain and optimize healing, in order to help get her patients back to doing the activities that keep them happy and healthy. 


Dr. Brett was born in Vancouver and is happy to call it home after enjoying a few years of living abroad for education and travel.  She continues to enjoy spending time with family and friends in Vancouver,  enjoying all the activities the west coast has to offer, specifically cycling and skiing!  She looks forward to helping her patients make the small changes that contribute to substantial beneficial shifts in health over time. 


Dr. Jessalyn Shamess, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Jessalyn Shamess works with patients to help clarify, understand and manage complex chronic diseases. During an appointment with Dr. Shamess, she will conduct a thorough health history, which may include an overview of all previous labs, physical exams and screening for underlying causes of the patient’s conditions. From there, she will discuss the patient’s specific goals for treatment and work together to establish a treatment plan. Dr. Shamess uses a combination of pharmaceutical drugs, nutritional supplements, herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle counselling to develop a personalized treatment plan. 


Dr. Shamess focuses on identifying the underlying causes of your condition and the common links between seemingly unrelated symptoms. In addition, with a background in public health, Dr. Shamess is an education advocate, working to help empower patients in their health journey by unravelling the complexity of unknown conditions. She is particularly passionate about helping to make chronic conditions manageable and freeing patients to pursue their life passions.

Dr. Shamess’s goal is to patients optimize their health by using an evidence-informed approach to navigate the challenge of dealing with multiple overlapping and often not well-understood conditions.


Dr. Shamess has been extensively trained in the treatment of Lyme Disease (both acute and chronic), Post-viral syndromes, chronic digestive issues (SIBO, gastroparesis, IBD, IBS), MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome), Mold toxin illness and a variety of autoimmune conditions. 

In addition, she treats many of the syndromes that fit under the complex chronic disease umbrella, such as ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, Central Sensitization, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Dr. Shamess’s goal as a naturopathic doctor is to help patients optimize their health by using an evidence-informed approach to navigating complex chronic diseases. Ultimately, assisting patients not simply survive but also thrive.


Outside of clinical practice, Dr. Shamess can be found spending time with family and friends and exploring the vast outdoors. She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, surfing,  and local cultural events.


Dr. Catherine Multari, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Multari is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM).  Following graduation, Dr. Multari completed a two-year residency program in naturopathic oncology approved by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) and American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (ABNO).  


Dr. Multari’s interest in oncology began while in medical school leading her to actively seek out opportunities in the field.  While a student, she traveled across Canada and the United States to preceptor with naturopathic physicians, radiologists and oncologists.  In her fourth year she was selected to the highly-competitive Integrative Cancer Centre (ICC) in Toronto, ON for a year-long internship. 

With a strong motivation for community engagement and leadership Dr. Multari contributed to the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) for four years, serving as CCNM President in her final year.  She was an advocate for students on national and international levels.  Upon graduation she was awarded the Naturopathic Honour Award and NMSA President’s Award recognizing an outstanding, emerging leader who has demonstrated exemplary skill in supporting the naturopathic medical profession in unique ways. 


Prior to medical school, Dr. Multari’s educational journey began at Western University and later the University of Virginia where she received her undergraduate degree in kinesiology.  She was a member of the Division 1 varsity rowing team, winning a national championship and being named a national scholar-athlete during that time.  She credits her strengths in communication, time management and collaboration to these pivotal years in an academic and athletic environment that was committed to uncompromised excellence. 


We are happy to have Dr. Multari here at Clementine Natural Health, with a full-time practice in both general medicine and integrative cancer care.  She is currently accepting new patients.


Dr. Emma Lee, ND

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Emma Lee has a practice that focuses on treating women and their families. She strives to provide best-evidenced and personalized care in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. She particularly enjoys assisting women through their various life stages, from menstrual cycle concerns, during pregnancy and post-partum, and through the transition of menopause. Dr. Lee also devotes a large portion of her clinical time to addressing digestive disturbances, immune-related issues, skin conditions, and stress. 

Dr. Lee has a deep passion for the doctor as teacher approach to medicine and prioritizes patient empowerment and collaboration in the decision making process. She firmly believes in creating a safe space for honest dialogue. Her approach to care centers around informed choice, where time is taken to guide you through each the reason behind each recommendation, alongside expected benefits and possible side effects as well as any potential alternatives. Her treatment plans may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies, acupuncture, injection therapies, and pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Lee is a strong advocate for the integration of conventional and naturopathic medicine, helping patients navigate how to combine the two to optimize results.


Dr. Lee graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine with the clinical excellence award. She is also a medical educator for Atrium Innovations Inc., a leading North American manufacturer of professional grade supplements. She regularly provides talks on topics such as the gut-brain connection, hormonal health, immune support, and stress management to a wide audience that includes pharmacists, nutritionists, health food store staff, and the general public.


Outside of clinical practice, Dr. Lee is a wife and a mother to a young daughter. She is thoroughly enjoying the sense of play that permeates everything in the early parenthood years, and has found herself eager to try new things as well. In addition to being a novice potter, she is rediscovering the joys of cycling and cooking.

Professional Affiliations

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