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At Clementine, we practice 'root cause' medicine - striving to find the underlying cause of your health concerns through an evidence-based, patient-centred approach. 

All of our services are combined from a natural approach with standard testing, diagnosis and treatment.


Family-Centred, Evidence-Based, Compassionate Care


Our compassionate approach is aimed at ensuring that our clients feel heard, empowered and informed in their healthcare decisions.

Our Services

Clinical Nutrition

Botanical Medicine

Lifestyle Counselling

Bioidentical Hormones

Aesthetic and Therapeutic Botox

Therapeutic diets and nutritional supplementation are used to treat underlying nutritional deficiencies, support body systems, and prevent or in some cases reverse the progression of disease.

Herbal medicines including capsules, tablets, tinctures, teas and topical preparations are used to restore health.

Diet, exercise, sleep and stress management are addressed to promote sustainable health and longevity.

Prescription hormones that mimic naturally occurring hormones within the body.

Aesthetic and therapeutic treatments to reduce signs of aging, help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, and rehydrate skin.

Prescription Medicines

In 2010, the BC government granted NDs prescriptive drug rights; pharmaceutical medication is prescribed when needed.


Specific acupuncture points are selected to help re-establish balance in the body.

Allergy Desensitization (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

A small dose of allergen solution is taken under the tongue in a series of treatments to improve allergic symptoms by reducing the body’s sensitivity to the allergen.

Injection Therapies

Intramuscular (IM) and intravenous (IV) injections of high dose vitamins and minerals are used to treat nutritional deficiencies, improve energy, and support immune function.

Physical Exams

Full screening physical exams that provide a thorough assessment of the human body from head to toe.

Pap Smears

An important screening test in the early detection of abnormal (including pre-cancerous or cancerous) conditions of the cervix.

Lab Testing

At Clementine Natural Health, our Naturopathic Doctors offer a range of standardized and private testing options to support your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Food allergy & sensitivity testing

Environmental allergy skin prick testing

Female and male hormone analysis

Adrenal stress hormone analysis

Comprehensive thyroid testing

Celiac disease testing

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) testing

Lactose intolerance testing

Comprehensive digestive stool analysis

Blood sugar testing

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Pregnancy tests

Comprehensive Urine Testing, including Microgen PCR testing

Nutritional deficiency testing

Regular annual screening panels

PAP testing

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